The photos in this book were taken from June to September 2010, in the apartment of rue de l'arcade, in Paris.

In the cramped surroundings of this apartment where we have lived since February 2010, we have captured the elements that influence and form our relationship: our visual fixation on the body, the objects, the view of the outside.

The summer of 2010 happens in a new place where not everything belongs to us. This photographic series not only acquaints us with the space-related gestures learned here but it also escapes from eal the continuity of embodiment that link them between the "here" and the previous "somewhere else".

The subjects of the photographs are chosen in advance and we decided on the space and on the time, summer 2010, to take all of the pictures. Therefore any boundaries we faced were imposed upon ourselves intentionally.
The photographs resulting from this approach, similar to that of the interview, are more paintings than intimate documents.

Every pair of photographs is introduced by a sentence written both in French and in Italian, our respective languages.